Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

I discovered the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops one day browsing the Sephora site like I do so often when I’m bored and I was intrigued by the idea of it – almost like creating your own foundation that is perfectly customizable. THAT’S SO COOL….in theory.

What it is:

Cover FX Custom Cover drops are supposed to be a revolutionary product in this here Beauty World. It’s a dropper bottle that contains concentrated, pure foundation pigment. This product is not intended to be used alone in place of foundation, but it is designed to be mixed with any liquid product you’d normally use on your face: serum, moisturizer, oil, primers, foundation, tinted moisturizer. You can mix it with any base as well – sillicone, water or oil. You can use this to increase coverage, change the finish to what’s preferred, or colour correct an existing foundation.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

First of all, in Canada this product is NOT available in any store – it’s only available on Sephora’s web site and Cover FX’s web site. If you’ve ever tried to purchase foundation from a web site and you don’t know your shade – it can be quite difficult.

I ended up ordering 2 different shades – G20 and N20 – a yellow toned and neutral toned, respectively. In Canada, these are $44 CAD. I tested both shades out and decided to stick with G20.

I found the texture of this product to be almost identical to that of a foundation – if a little thinner.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Swatch

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Swatch

What I love:

The idea.

What I don’t love:

The dropper bottle that the product comes in is actually quite messy and I found that the product ended up all over the sides and my hands and foundation really doesn’t come off clothing if you should happen to get it on your clothes. Really, it wasn’t as much fun as it seems.

For me, it didn’t matter what I mixed this product with (and maybe it’s just a matter of experimenting some more) it never seemed to cling to my skin the way that I wanted it to. If I used my beauty blender, my FAVOURITE Sigma F80 – it always just seemed to wipe away with every pass.

I experimented with the coverage aspect of the product and sadly, it didn’t seem to work out for me either. If I mixed one drop with foundation to colour correct – it came out cakey. If I mixed 3 drops with moisturizer for medium coverage – it came out cakey.  If I mixed one drop with moisturizer – it actually did nothing.

I don’t feel like it ever increased my coverage to what I EXPECTED it to. I feel like there was so much hype for this product, and so excitement behind the idea for me. Sadly, this product just hasn’t worked for me yet. I will keep experimenting with other things to mix it with – if you guys have any suggestions. I’m definitely up for that!

This product has so many fantastic reviews, and I’ve seen so many beautiful before/after pictures using this product – so it does work, I won’t debate that. Just for my skin, at the moment, I prefer my MAC Nourishing Water Proof Foundation.

I definitely recommend you give it a try though, because if it works for you – the idea is still incredible. Definitely give it a try.

I’m very sad that I haven’t found a way to wear this product yet, but I will.


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MUFE Mat Velvet


I have a love/hate relationship with foundation, any and all. My skin is very oily and that in turn makes my skin quite red – and I, sadly, haven’t found a way to fix that yet. I absolutely NEED a foundation that will keep me matte, or my foundation will come sliding down my face in a not so pleasant manner (oily skin girls, YOU know what I’m talking about!).

Much like my search for dry shampoo, I started going on a hunt for a foundation that was suitable for my skin conditions, and tone.

I had originally gotten a sample of Make Up For Ever MAT Velvet a few years ago (in shade 30), and it had been winter – so I found that the foundation didn’t quite agree with my skin during this particular season – I had very dry skin, thanks in part to the -40 degree, bitter cold winter we had (gross!). I put the sample I had away for months and rediscovered it about a year ago. I found that during the warmer months – it suited my skin much better.

Of course, this soon changed with continued use of the product. This is not to say that it isn’t a good product – it just didn’t work for me.

It’s not very thick in texture (it blends fairly well) , and the coverage isn’t incredible – I felt like it never gave me the coverage I was looking for, even with layers. There is no awful or lasting scent to the product – which was a definite plus. I don’t like putting any products with scent on my face, it just means there’s more in the product to irritate your skin.

MUFE Mat Velvet

I started to notice, the longer I used it how wrong the shade was for me – it turned out to be very pink, with a very cool undertone – which didn’t work for me. I have a fear of being one of those people that wear a completely different shade and don’t blend well into their neck – so their neck and face are multi-toned and VERY noticeable. The fear is legit, the struggle is real – yah, seems about right.

Anyways, that was my biggest gripe with this product and I was unable to find a shade that suited my skin tone.

Second, it actually did very little at mattifying my skin. You could actually see where the foundation had been removed due to oil (even with powder and blotting!) on some parts of my skin. So for my skin – I didn’t find it that it did anything particularly amazing.

I bought this at Sephora in the states, and I paid about $36 there and bought it in Toronto for $42. So it is on the higher end in the makeup world and I don’t feel like there’s much of a payoff for me.

If you have extremely oily (like oily 5 minutes after you wash your face, and you haven’t found a product that will properly reduce that internally, like me) then I wouldn’t recommend this product to you. I’m sure it will mattify to an extent – just not to the extent that I need it to.

So sadly, I have purchased my last bottle of this foundation.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day lovelies :) xx



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I have been absolutely LOVING the the Real Techniques Makeup Brushes by Samantha Chapman. I meant to do a review on these brushes when I originally purchased them but never got around to it (my bad!), so I’m doing it now – does better late than never apply here?

We only have the core collection and the travel collection available to us in stores, so I purchased the core collection and it was $18.00 for the following brushes:


Detailer brushbrushes

Precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition

Pointed foundation brush

Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage

Buffing brush

Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation

Contour brush

Delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish

I actually bought this collection solely for the buffing brush and I have to say, I absolutely LOVE it. This is one of the best brushes that I have ever had. The bristles are soft, dense and what I love most about this particular brush is that it’s firm, which makes it easier to blend out my foundation and evenly applies my make up for a flawless finish. The contour brush works amazing for concealer – I like to use it to blend out my concealer and apply powder under my eyes to set my concealer, it’s absolutely my favourite brush for this. I’ll admit, I don’t really use the other 2 brushes. I did use them to try them, and didn’t find a good use for them at the time. It was much too difficult to apply foundation with the foundation brush that is technically used for liquid foundation and I like to buff it out to be sure there’s no lines, or streaks. It’s ALL about the even application, let’s be real here.

This is definitely worth the $18 that I spent. They are amazing quality brushes, they don’t shed, they’re easy to clean and they just work so incredibly.

These brushes were highly recommended by so many people and I am now jumping on that bandwagon. These are fabulous and I think that everyone who is looking for a reasonably priced, good make-up brush – DEFINITELY give these a shot, they’re good..I swear it. :)

Thanks for reading beauties :) xx

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I have been MIA for quite a while and no one knows how hard it has been for me to be away from this part of my life for this long…it has honestly killed me. I miss my followers and just writing.

I was away for a while, just to focus on school and pursuing and striving in that part of my life and it has been absolutely CRAZY! Although, I’ve missed this part of my world…I was studying and working my ass off for a competition for school and we did so amazing and I am so proud of everyone – and it was hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had, and I don’t regret it for a second.

Anyways, I do have some more free time and I am done school for the holidays in just 2 weeks! ALMOST THERE! I am going Black Friday shopping and will be picking up a few products, that I am DYING to try and have not yet made their way to Canada.


In just over a month I will also be attending IMATS LA and I am SO excited to be experiencing this for the first time, and really I would just like a vacation! I am considering instead of just posting blogs about my experience while I am there…I think I am going to make a video or a few, and post those to my Youtube channel and get into that! I’ve been told by quite a few people that it’s definitely something I should do.

Would anyone be interested in videos if I posted them? Not to say I’ll stop writing – I could never!

So, that’s what’s been up with me lately. I will be posting a few blogs shortly with some great reviews and greats products that I’ve tried in the last few months and I can’t WAIT to share them with you all.

Keep smiling :) xx



Hey beauties!

I was just recently nominated for a Liebster Award by the beautiful Bex over at AND Tara over at A massive thank you to BOTH of them for nominating me! :)

The Liebster Award is an award that’s given to bloggers with less than 200 followers and it’s to help promote their blog and encourage other bloggers.

The rules for the award are as follows:

1. You must link back to the person that nominated you

2. You have to answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you

3. You must nominate 11 fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers

4. You have to come up with 11 questions for your nominees

5. You must make the bloggers you have nominated aware that you have done so

6. You can include 11 facts about yourself (this is optional)

Bex’s 11 Questions:

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

I would like to see myself still blogging – successfully! This is something that I am so passionate about. If I could blog as a career about music, my life would be completely. The two most important things in my life.

2. What piece of technology could you not live without?
My phone, definitely! My phone has my schedule and I have a very busy schedule. If I had to try and remember it…I’d probably crawl in a hole and cry.

3. How would you describe yourself in 4 words? 
Passionate, friendly, dedicated and outgoing.

4. Would you prefer staying in and watching a movie or going out to a club?

It would depend. I love going out with my friends, but sometimes you just have to stay in!

5. If you could go anywhere in the World where would you go?

London, England and Italy. I couldn’t choose just one. One day I will make it to both places!
6. What was your favourite TV show as a kid? 
Probably Figure It Out and Clarissa Explains it all on Nickelodeon. Does anyone remember those shows!?

7. What would be your dream job?
I went to the MMVA’s in 2009 (Canadian music award show) and we got kind of a backstage look at everything that went on and we got to see how everything worked in regards to marketing and that’s when I fell in love with it all. My dream is to work in marketing for Much Music.

8. What’s your favourite meal?
Oh my god, fast food would be the Smokehouse Turkey panini from Panera. We don’t have a Panera..but when I go to the states! My friend and I have this list of all the places that we want to try that we DON’T have here in Canada…In-N-Out burger is number one!

9. Do you prefer Summer or Winter? 

I prefer fall, actually. I know that wasn’t the question..but I would choose it over both. If I had to choose, summer. I don’t like winter, and winter doesn’t like me – we’re enemies.

10. What’s your favourite colour? 

I am going to be a little abnormal, but I love coral. It’s definitely my favourite colour.

11. Did you have a favourite boyband when you were younger?
I was an Nsync girl when I was really young. I am a definite fan of the Jonas Brothers, yes, EVEN NOW! They were a big part of my life and the reason I even know the friend I mentioned above. I am so grateful for them even though I’ve never met them!


My 11 Questions:
  1. What is your all time favourite song?
  2. What is your favourite TV Show currently?
  3. What is the best book that you’ve read recently?
  4. What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far?
  5. Are you a lipstick or lip gloss kind of girl?
  6. What beauty and/or fashion product are you wanting right now?
  7. What is your number 1 beauty tip?
  8. What’s your favourite candy?
  9. Beauty Product you can’t go a day without?
  10. Top 3 online shopping sites.
  11. Do you have any pets?
I really enjoyed writing this out, so I hope all the girls I nominated enjoy it as well!
Night beauties :)

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