I am the amazingly awkward, polka dot loving, and bright  soul behind Glamourae – my name is Rae and I’m an assistant by day, and a marketer (of myself) by night.

I am Canadian – born and raised, you will soon learn this by my constant use of the word ‘eh’ after pretty much every sentence. However, the word ABOOT is never used, that is a stereotype. Though I am Canadian, I do  not by any means enjoy the bitter winter. It wreaks absolute havoc on my poor skin. That, and Canada draws the short straw, always.
Glamourae started mainly due to my love for trying new products and I absolutely love to share the success I have with any given product in hopes of helping another poor soul with the same terribly, acne prone, oily/combo skin – 1 year later, lets add seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea.
On the flip side, I love when people suggest new products or products they’ve had such success with. So please, share your HG products and I will share with you all the products I’ve come to love, and the few I actually don’t like at all!  Every review on Glamourae is nothing less, than my honest opinion at all times.
If you would like to contact me, feel free to do so here: glamouraee@gmail.com

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