Glamour Hair Styling Brush

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device specifications:
Model: KL-1020
Voltage: 100-240 V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Power: 45W
Product size: 250 x 59 x 43.6mm
Temperature units: (from 265 to 450)
Device features:
1. The brush is designed with negative ion technology for a more vibrant look without flyaways.
2. Sleek and ergonomic handle helps in super fast hair styling.
3. Quick and accurate temperature control through LED display.
4. 360-degree rotatable cord.
Device security:
1. The temperature button is automatically locked to prevent temperature changes during use.
2. Intelligent power cut off automatically when the machine is running for 60 minutes.
Product contents:
1. Glamor Styler Brush
2. A cloth bag to protect the brush
3. Heat-resistant glove
Suggested settings:
For normal and fine hair: (265-320)
For thick and wavy hair: (340-390)
For thick and curly hair: (410-450)


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